ARIA, AI Regulatory Impact Assistant, is the core technology behind Compliy’s groundbreaking platform.

ARIA is the unprecedented combination of AI Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models and human regulatory compliance expertise:

  • While our NLU algorithms clean, summarise, classify, and analyse regulatory documents, our team of regulatory experts work alongside the technology to test and review each output and ensure usability and accuracy.
  • After each review the data is re-submitted and the process is repeated until there is a satisfactory summary for every analysis.
  • Our supervised learning methods combined with continuous input from domain experts significantly increases the capabilities, performance, and reliability of ARIA.

Compliy’s 3 Step Process

Review – AI regulatory analysis & policy management
  • Based on your institution type, Compliy will identify relevant regulations issued by your local regulator and store them in the Library, which works as a regulatory repository. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and text analysis algorithms are then utilised to discover, review and extract regulatory insight and requirements outlined in that specific regulation – you can then review each regulatory insight and requirement provided by the AI, and annotate each regulation section by section, obligation by obligation, ensuring no obligation is missed.
  • After uploading your institution’s existing policies and procedures to the Library, our AI will then perform a Policy Matching process, whereby stored policies and procedures are matched to any regulation you are working on. We’ve handled the grunt work for you, allowing you to understand which internal policies and procedures need to be updated after each regulatory change occurs. This also helps reveal any hidden liabilities that may exist for your institution.
Feature 1
Feature 1
Implement – Create compliance tasks
  • Upon determining what policies and procedures require updating, you will be able to create comprehensive compliance action plans and delegate specific tasks to Team Members and Groups within your institution. This will allow all of the relevant stakeholders to collaborate and track the status of all ongoing tasks for a fully transparent view on compliance.
  • Each task is given a priority and deadline. Users can send notifications and reminders to relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance of the requirement is met. Recurring deadlines can even be set for those pesky requirements that require periodical action by your institution.
Monitor – Live updates of team actions and regulatory changes
  • With your Dashboard you will be able to keep on top of any new regulations and regulatory changes issued by your local regulator. Daily checks are done for any newly issued documentation and regulation. Live notifications are sent if there are any changes that may be relevant for your institution.
  • The Dashboard also provides an instant view of the status of all ongoing action plans, as well as their priorities, deadlines, and completion rates. Now all delegated tasks can be comprehensively tracked for ultimate resolution. Action plan details are synced with your Calendar, with reminders and notifications sent to your personal device to keep you up-to-date when any changes occur.
Feature 1
Feature 1
Compliy is the Future of Regulatory Change. Are you Ready?

Faced with global and local regulations that are increasingly complex, limited resources and small teams, compliance teams and financial institutions are facing major challenges to effectively respond to regulatory changes. Surprisingly, 80% of compliance processes are still done manually. This includes but is not limited to understanding regulatory requirements and obligations, manually identifying policies and procedures, and monitoring on going compliance tasks. But, the way we currently address regulatory change is inefficient, costly, and unsustainable. It needs to change now. You can't do it all, and you certainly can't do it alone.

That's why Compliy created ARIA. Like any good assistant she ensure your team can focus on meaningful tasks that bring more value back to your organization. At our core we are a technology company, which means we look for ways to streamline and optimize complex processes by integrating innovative and accessible solutions into the heart of your organization. We are committed to building powerful yet simple platforms that bring the transformative change that your organization desires and deserves.

Learn more about what ARIA can do for you and your team today!