What are My Regulations?

Once you have found a regulation that you want to save and analyze from the library of regulations, then you will save it to My Regulations. My Regulations or My Regs is where you will view the regulatory text section by section, review AI and your own analyses of each section, and review the policies that closely match the subject matter of the regulation. This will be one of the main stages for your workflow in managing regulatory change and where ARIA will provide the most assistance.

Why doesn’t my section have any keywords?

Don’t worry, as we continue to improve ARIA she will be able to identify the keywords for each section. Currently, only labels (document level) are shown. Keywords will be available in later releases.

How can I visit a section that I have already viewed?

If you think there is a section of the document that is important, then you can bookmark it and return to it later by navigating to the correct page of the document or referring to the outline on the left side of the My Regulations screen in Analysis.

What is My Analysis?

Compliy gives you full control over your regulatory analysis and review. You can write your own analysis of any regulatory text or section. In order to write your own analysis, you must reject the AI suggested analysis first.

How do regulation sections work?

Sections are created based on the labeled sections of the original regulatory text. Each section will be labeled as in the document and will contain information such as page number and all original text. In addition, Sections will also include keywords based on the content of each section and a suggested AI Analysis done by ARIA. Within each section you can write an analysis, bookmark, and write comments to collaborate with your teammates.

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