Is Compliy Free?

Compliy will be free for a limited time for select users. We want to provide your team with the maximum amount of functionality and features while collecting feedback and integrating changes to the platform. While we are gathering user feedback the platform will be free.

How do I create an account?

Go to and click Signup. Fill out our quick form and then verify your email. You’ll then be sent an SMS to confirm your mobile device. Enter the code on the request screen to have access to your regulatory assistant. It’s as simple as that.

What regulations are covered in the platform?

Currently, Compliy supports Singaporean financial regulations published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). These regulations are updated on a daily basis to ensure that you are concurrent with the most recent regulatory changes

How do I use Compliy?

Sign into your dashboard and follow the tutorial “Action Plans” that are provided. You will be instructed on how to use the various features in the release.

Is my data secure? Is data on site encrypted?

We value your data privacy and want to ensure you a peaceful sleep knowing its secure and safe. Security is our main priority and we’ve integrated the latest industry standards for protecting your data. It starts immediately with signup, by incorporating both email verification and 2 factor authentication (2FA) protocols. After you’ve logged in, we employ SSL security to encrypt each browser session so only encrypted data is shared between the browser and our cloud servers. All user data you enter is stored on our databases which use the highest level of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Furthermore, as an enhanced security feature every policy you upload to Compliy is encrypted before it’s stored on our service. Only the user or user’s trusted members has the unique decryption key to view these files. This prevents anyone internally at Compliy or external parties from being able to view your private files.

How do I install Compliy?

No installation is required to use Compliy. Compliy is a secure cloud-based service accessible from any device, anywhere. If you have custom needs to have Compliy installed in your firm’s internal network, then please contact us for support.

What does Compliy cost?

We will be releasing our pricing information soon, but until then Compliy will be free!

What does Compliy cost?

That is something we are working on this very moment and will publish any updates about new version releases on our blog.

What are Action Plans?

Action Plan is a feature that allows you to create and assign compliance tasks to your teammates and stakeholders. You can create Action Plans based on policies, regulations or any compliance action that needs to be completed. Each Action Plan will have tasks, assignees, documents, and a deadline. Ongoing Action Plans can be added to the top of the main dashboard to give you quick insight into the progress of your compliance actions.

When Compliy releases new features or updates we will “assign” you an Action Plan that will be shown in the top of the dashboard.

What are Policies?

Policies are where you will upload and store your companies internal policies. Only you and admin accounts with access to your account will be able to read the policies. Uploading policies means that ARIA will be able to map regulatory updates to your company policies that will be most subjected to changes.

What are My Regulations?

Once you have found a regulation that you want to save and analyses from the library of regulations, then you will save it to My Regulations. My Regulations or My Regs is where you will view the regulatory text section by section and review AI and your own analyses of each section and review the policies that closely match the subject matter of the regulation. This will be one of the main stages for your workflow in managing regulatory change and where ARIA will provide the most assistance.

What is Team?

Team is where you can add contact information of team members and colleagues in your organization. You can also create groups to organize your team. These groups and member contacts will be used to assign compliance tasks and action plans.

What kind of regulatory analysis does Compliy provide?

Compliy’s regulatory analysis is provided through ARIA and is based on Natural Language Understanding algorithms and text analysis. The algorithms can provide insights into keywords for each section of a regulation, overall document labels, and extraction of obligations, requirements, and conditions of the regulatory text. These analyses are repeatedly reviewed by our in hour regulatory compliance experts. Within the platform, you will be able to read the original text, compare it to the provided analysis, and reject the analysis in favor of your own analysis to be written next to the provided analysis.

Regulations Sections explained

Sections are created based on the labeled sections of the original regulatory text. Each section will be labeled as in the document and will contain information such as page number and all original text. In addition, Sections will also include keywords based on the content of each section and a suggested AI Analysis done by ARIA. Within each section you can write an analysis, bookmark, and write comments to collaborate with your teammates.

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