A Quick Introduction to Compliy’s APAC Financial Regulations Library

A Quick Introduction to Compliy’s APAC Financial Regulations Library


It’s finally here! Compliy’s open and free APAC financial regulatory database is the only source that you and your compliance team will need to track regulatory updates.

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Whether you are searching for MiDFID II snippets and guidelines or the latest OTC derivative reporting standards in Singapore and Hong Kong, Compliy’s regulatory database has you covered. We’ve designed the database to provide unrivaled access to financial regulatory frameworks across Asia without the hassle of tracking down each information on regulator websites. The database is automatically updated every day, and we are working around the clock to add more jurisdictions. Currently, the database includes regulatory documents from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia and neighboring geographies are in the pipeline!

Why is it free? Compliance teams shouldn’t have to struggle to find the information about requirements that will affect their company. And they certainly shouldn’t have to pay for it. Step-by-step we are going to prove that regulatory intelligence and research can easily be a part of your enterprise risk management and compliance program and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Regulatory compliance does not have to burn a hole in your pocket.

What’s next? Even better, this is only the beginning! We have more work to do and more awesome things to share so stay tuned. Sign up for an account today to make sure you are the first in the know about the great things we are working on.

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